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Futbolito is upon us. Register your team today.

New for 2017:

• Every player gets a premium 2-color double-sided vest
• 4v4 Futbolito for U12 and younger. 5v5 Futsal for U14 and older.
• All games at one site - Centerville Jr High. Makes life much easier for families with kids on different teams.
• The season runs from Jan 7 to Feb 26

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Futbolito?

Futbolito is 4v4 indoor soccer, played with an indoor futsal ball. Kids get lots of touches on the ball, and the games are fast, fun and high scoring. There are NO goalies in Futbolito.

What is Futsal?

Futsal is 5v5 indoor soccer, played on a larger floor than futbolito.There are goalies in Futsal.

What do I get for the $85 registration?

The registration covers 6 games, plus a tournament at the end of the season. Top two teams in every age bracket get medals. In addition, every player gets a premium 2 color double sided vest.

When are futbolito games played?

Futsal games are played Fridays and Sundays in January and February. Futbolito games are played on Saturdays in January and February. The season starts on Saturday Jan 7, and ends February 26th 2017. The following two weekends are “Futbolito holiday weekends” there will be NO games on these two weekends: Jan 28/29, and Feb 11/12

If I coach, do I get a discount?

Coaches get one kid’s registration waived for every team they coach. We need coaches. Do consider volunteering. Your help makes a big difference to the kids you coach.

Questions for Elite Comp Teams

Are competitive players allowed to play?

Competitive players are welcome, but need to play one age group higher than their Fall 2016 level. I.e. if you played U10B in Fall 2016, you’d play U12B in Futbolito.

Won’t competitive players dominate?

Last year, we had 4 comp teams U10B play up in the U12B division. Games were very evenly matched, and a recreational pure-age U12B team won the tournament. Competitive players are challenged by playing up, and rec players get pushed to improve when they go up against good competition. It’s a win-win.


NSCPDF Icon2017 Futbolito F.A.Q.

NSCPDF Icon2017 Futbolito Rules

NSCPDF Icon2017 Futsal Rules

NSCPDF Icon2017 Futbolito Release of Liability / Registration Form

NSCPDF Icon2017 Futbolito Team Registration